Friday, October 5, 2012

Breakfast Detox Ideas Part 1

I am guilty of being a bit of a PALEO LIGHT participant. I do add a little raw dairy into my life and though I don't really care to fight over my pureness in the paleo realm it works for me. My cheese and cream are always 100% raw and unprocessed. A couple years back as I was really starting to miss my yogurt as I used to be a serving a day kinda girl my CrossFit trainer recommended that I try Saint Benoit Yogurt. He educated me on how it was the only stuff that was really pure, made in small batches and done in such a way as so to not kill all the beneficial bacteria that yogurt is known for. I don't eat it regularly, but when I need an easy on the run type of meal it works for me. I throw some nuts, berries and cinnamon in and off I go. It can be expensive, but I think its worth it to know that I am doing good things for my body. They also recycle the bottles and you get a refund when you bring them back to the store. I don't make it a habit to eat dairy, as it really does make a difference in how my body performs and how my asthma flairs, but on a not all the time basis I like to incorporate it into my diet for a treat and a change of pace.  It has been a real life saver as I am detoxing off the crap and making everyday changes for the betterment of my body and life.

Here is to a Happy Morning,

Question of the Day: Do you have a favorite go to breakfast that is easy?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Paleo Spaghetti

So a couple weeks ago I accidentally set my kitchen on fire.
 I innocently set out to roast some cauliflower as I had been in a roasting veggies kick.  One thing led to another and black billowing smoke was pouring from my kitchen, stinging my eyes, coating my throat and flying out the windows and doors.

I learned two things that day... 

1. No one in my complex has a fire extinguisher
2. The need to check old pans for holes and get my oil usage amounts in check.

So tonight after many weeks of staring at my stove in fear I decided to conquer the beast and show it who is really the boss of this kitchen...

I decided I would ease back into things with a spaghetti squash. As I am coming back off carby processed food I find that my cravings are weird... I don't eat pasta ever, even when I am not eating healthy.. However, as I detox for some reason I want spaghetti. The spaghetti of the squash variety fit both the PALEO and REAL FOOD Categories and can be used on either...

Before I learned how easy it was to cook a spaghetti squash I used to be terrified of it! Have no fear though because its super easy and fast to cook and even easier to prep.

What you need:
Sea Salt
Fresh Ground Pepper
Fresh Minced Garlic*

Preheat the Oven to 375
Cut the top off the squash as that then makes it easier to cut the squash in half. It can be harder to cut without that first step. Clean out the seeds and goop in the middle. Just think of it as a mini little Halloween :)  Put some EVOO, Sea Salt and Pepper on the now open face of the squash.
The debate is over if you roast it face up or down. It doesn't really matter, so whatever you prefer. If you roast it face down make sure you put just a titch of oil on the pan.

Roast for 35-45 minutes dependent on how big of a squash you got. You should be able to stick a knife through the outer surface and it be softer when finished cooking. Let cool and then take a fork and begin the spaghetti removal. Scrape the insides from top to bottom and long strings of "spaghetti" will come out. Don't be afraid to get in there and really scrape hard to get it all to come out... Keep going until you get to the outer skin.

Top and Garnish however you like. I enjoy real butter and fresh raw parmesan cheese on top. Sometimes I will take the "noodles: if I have a lot and bake into a casserole or spaghetti pie with meat, sauce and cheese. The options are really endless. When you bake it just right, you don't really need to add stuff and you can often find me stuffing my face over the sink with the freshly cooked and perfectly seasoned noodles. These squashes are plentiful this fall, so take advantage and get adventurous. Its low in carbs and calories which allows it to be a healthy staple in your kitchen with little to no guilt. For any type of paleo, real food, low carb, or even weight watcher this can be a God send when you have over done it for the day and need a meal that will set your body right again without too many calories.

So turn that oven on and show it whose boss,

Question for the Day:
Do you like spaghetti squash? How do you top yours?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall and Changes

Fall has always been a time of change in my life...

The leaves begin to change and everyone goes back to school and others slip back into a normal pattern of life. There is something bold and beautiful about the leaves changing and how is our lives this time of year can really be beneficial and significant if we let it. Often we let it sort of all hang out during the summer and then when fall comes our winter clothes don't really fit that well and we come to this cross road of do I buy more clothes or make my plans for a healthy and whole life work for me? When fall hits we are really catapulted into three months of wild eating and parties...

My sister is turning 30 and asked me to do the real food 30 day challenge for October with her. It was the push that I need to get myself moving again and thinking about how am I treating my body and  asking myself the questions like why do I continue to eat crappy food even though it makes me feel crappy? Its mostly because its easy and I am in a continually busy season of my life. Yet, if I want to have more seasons of my life I have to do something to make a permanent healthy and whole lifestyle that is sustainable. I have to be Anna focused which can be really hard when you tend to want to please others. With that being said I will be back posting more Paleo and Real Food Recipes as I trudge through making this a lifestyle that I can sustain. Half-assing it isn't getting me anywhere. I pledge to let go of being hard on myself, letting go of foods that are doing harm and doing my best to workout and be the best I can be.

I pray that as the leaves change and fall you too let the things you aren't happy with fall away and continue to take strides for yourself to be better, healthy and happy.


Question for Reflection: What is one thing you would like to let fall away this season?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snacking and staying OP- Weight Watchers Friendly Snacks

I am a snacker. I always have been and probably always will be... I must have something in my car or purse so I dont go getting all HANGRY on everyone when my blood sugar starts to dip. I like that I get to entertain my mouth with food before the next delightful meal comes along.

The joy of Weight Watchers Points Plus is that I can spread out and eat my points however I would like without much worry or stress about not getting enough or eating too much...I have tried to break myself of the habit in the past, but I just enjoy snacking way too much. If I can remember, I try and make sure that my snacks are really high in protein to help keep me satisfied longer though.

Here are my top point friendly snacks I ALWAYS have on hand.
1. Cheese Sticks
2. Turkey Slices
3. Greek Yogurt
4. Laughing Cow Cheese
5. Pudding and Jello Cups
6. Nuts
7. WW Snack Cakes- Those are special treat in my house
8. Peanut Butter and Apples/Bananas
9. Hard Boiled Eggs
9.5 Cottage Cheese with Apple Sauce


Have you tried these yet?! I hadn't found them until my mother was trying to convince me to put the chips down over Christmas and try this new find she had found. Kellogg's makes them and you get about 27 chips for 3 P+. Its a pretty hefty serving and does the trick for me when I am needing something to munch on... They have some really great flavors though cheddar is my favorite. It has helped me to not eat a WHOLE bag of chips in one sitting which I am quite capable of doing and have done in the past. :)

Get out there and try a new points friendly snack this week,

Question for thought: What is your favorite points friendly or filling snack?

Getting Back OP

One of the local hiking trails where I can go to regroup when I get off plan.

For those of you who are Weight Watchers you know that OP stands for being On Point or On Plan. It's a term I struggle with often as I suck at sticking to a task but more so really when it comes to not being able to enjoy the mound of peanut butter M&M's that magically appear on my desk from time to time...

So how do we get back on track after a massive de-railing? Well I have come up with a few Weight Watcher Friendly tips to get you going again and push you through any and all ruts...

1. Start over like its day one. Measure, pre-plan and write/track ever BLT (bite,lick and taste) that goes into your mouth.

2. Drink your water and then once you hit our 8 servings, drink more. It will help I promise

3. Write down your meals in your actual tracker, not in your head. You magically forget points along the way... Somehow I misplace that 4 pp worth of Starbucks... Its easy to do and you are only cheating yourself.

4. Get moving. Walking, running, spinning or zumba. Find a way to move that really MOVES you and keeps you coming back for me. If you workout routine is getting boring than try something new. Unless you love it, you wont stick around to do it. Invest in your future and your health... They say that "you lose weight to look great in your clothes... You workout to look great naked" :)

5. Find someone to walk through this journey with and that can share the ups and downs of the scale. You need someone to share in the laughter and the inevitable tears.

Me, I'm drinking my water and backing away from the M&M's and backing right out onto a trail to hike...

Lets all work on getting back OP 100% today,

Monday, November 28, 2011

Weight Watchers Low Point Carmel Sauce! SO EASY!

Well, the holidays are upon us and I have been looking for an easy fix to all the sweet treats that everyone is bringing to parties... I set out to make a low point carmel sauce that actually tasted good.

I found the EASIEST ever low point carmel sauce and you can make it in the Crock pot!

What you need:
A Crock pot
An Unopened Can of Sweetened Condensed Milk

Fill crock pot with water and place unopened cans of condensed milk into the crock pot. Cook on low for 8 hrs. Let cool fully by placing in fridge... Open the cans and you have AMAZING TASTING CARMEL

Points For the
Non Fat Can 2 tablespoons= 3 PP   1 tablespoon= 1 PP     (ONE TABLESPOON = 1PP! HECK YES!)
Full Fat Can: 2 tablespoons = 3 PP  1 tablespoon =2PP

Dip One Tablespoon sauce with Apples and Bananas for a great WW Point Friendly Treat! ENJOY :)

Happy Holiday Dessert Surviving,

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weight Watchers Apple-Pearsauce

I just got home from Oregon and am trying to get back to the basics of my eating after a holiday full of treats!
 So I decided to make some Apple and Pear Sauce in the crockpot.

What you need:
Fill your crockpot and put it on low for 8 hours... I usually cook mine overnight so I can wake up to warm fresh applepearsauce.   :)

So easy and yummy! I use it as a ZERO POINT add in to my cottage cheese, oatmeal, as a snack or in my PB and J wraps.

This is a great way to fight the sweet tooth and again is ZERO POINTS!

Get Snacking,